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pale pink or hot pink, what do you say? 💗#pinkhair #makeup #hair #curls #blacklipstick

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  3. arkcircus said: Hot Pink ! ^^
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    HOT! oh and Hot pink =0
  5. kickheart said: Pale pink!!
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    Pale pink! Gorgeous.
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  10. smokingonthefinest said: Way sexier pale!
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  12. magiquebaiseur said: Pale!
  13. mypoisonoak said: hot pink!
  14. livingdeaddgirl said: Pale pink :p
  15. 0rient-express said: hot pink fits you :)
  16. photomgraphy said: Hot pink for sure, more striking, gives much more of an impact, pale is far more subtle.
  17. twistedxmind said: pale! :3
  18. hirnzirkus said: hot pink, best color!
  19. shatteredplaces said: Hot pink!
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  22. inkfectious said: Knallpink :D
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